UK Landscape Photography Locations

The UK is full of great locations for landscape photography. This list will help you plan your next adventure as a landscape photographer.

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The UK is full of great places to capture as a landscape photographer. Throughout England, Scotland and Wales the huge variety of terrain, coupled with the seasonal changes means that there is never a shortage of great compositions to be had. There are plenty of fanatastic locations that don’t require too much effort to reach, but if you are feeling a bit more enegetic then you can always put on your hiking boots and venture out into the wilderness. UK landscape photography has a lot to offer!

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Snowdonia National Park is home to the tallest mountain in Wales, Snowdon. It is this mountain that gets much of the attention from tourists but beyond this there are many other fantastic mountains, lakes and opportunities for landscape photographers. A lot of the park is accessible from roads however some of the more interesting areas such as the Rhinog Mountains are far more remote and will require a fair bit of hiking.


Photographing North Wales

Recommended OS Maps:

OS Explorer Map OL 17 Snowdon/Yr Wyddfa, Conwy Valley/Dyffryn Conwy

OS Explorer Map OL18 Harlech, Porthmadog & Bala/Y Bala (OS Explorer)

OS Explorer OL23 Cadair Idris & Llyn Tegid (OS Explorer Map)

Cwm Idwal

The three sided valley provides an incredible backdrop from any angle around the lake. It is quite a trek to get here but well worth the effort. There is also a YHA hostel nearby which can be a great spot to base yourself if you are in Snowdonia for a long weekend of landscape photography. 

GPS Location (Lat/Long)53.114299, -4.029497
OS Map Grid RefSH 64261 59382
Google Maps
Dramatic skies and some low lying cloud near Cwm Idwal during the late afternoon

Swallow Falls

This picturesque waterfall is a famous spot among the UK landscape photography community. After some heavy rainfall this waterfall becomes quite active and therefore acts as the perfect subject for some creamy long exposure water photography. During the holiday season this area is highly visited by tourists, so be sure to get there early to avoid the crowds.

GPS Location (Lat/Long)53.102423, -3.845729
OS Map Grid RefSH 76525 57729
Google Maps
White water flowing down Swallow Falls during the Autumn season


If you are looking for a truly remote mountain range, then this is the place to venture out to. The Rhinog Mountains are rugged, dark and rocky making for some extremely moody landscape images when the “bad” weather comes in.

GPS Location (Lat/Long)52.841923, -3.996326
OS Map Grid RefSH 65638 29025
Google Maps
The rocky mountain side of the Rhinogydd looking down toward the calm lake below

Lake District

The Lake district offers a wealth of fantastic landscapes that photographers from far and wide travel to capture. The unique and magnificent terrain never disappoints. Mountains, lakes, woodland and rolling hills are the reason this area has become such a landmark for many. There are so many locations within the lake district that it is almost foolish to try and list them, but here are a few to get you going. 


Photographing the Lake District

Recommended OS Maps:

The English Lakes North Western Area (OL4)

The English Lakes South Eastern Area (OL7)

The English Lakes South Western Area (OL6)

Blea Tarn

At the very heart of the district lies Blea Tarn. This location is very easy to access thanks to a nearby car park just off the Great Langdale road. The water here is often calm and mirror-like, and the Langdale Pikes create a brilliant backdrop. If you get here early in the morning before the crowds arrive you may even be lucky enough to capture some of the wildlife on the lake.

GPS Location (Lat/Long)54.429444, -3.087501
OS Map Grid RefNY 29548 04325
Google Maps
Calm waters of Blea Tarn captured with a long exposure in black and white


Buttermere is located on the western edge of the Lake District and for photographers, that arrive early the day, boasts some of the prettiest scenes in the district. It is very famous for the lone tree that sits just out on the lake. You can get to Buttermere very easily by taking either the Honister or Keswick Pass and using one of the money free car parks. It is worth noting that this is a very busy place during the high season. Be sure to get there early! 

GPS Location (Lat/Long)54.536856, -3.274250
OS Map Grid RefNY 17650 16479
Google Maps
Calm waters of Buttermere captured with a long exposure during the early hours of the morning

Watendlath Tarn

This hamlet is owned by the National Trust and is situated between the Borrowdale and Thilmere valleys. Getting here is quite tricky especially in poor weather conditions as there is only a small single track road leading up to it. There is a very attractive packhorse bridge that can offer a great focal point for landscape photography. 

GPS Location (Lat/Long)54.537088, -3.120711
OS Map Grid RefNY 27584 16336
Google Maps
Sun shining through the clouds at Watendlath Tarn in the Lake District

Peak District

THe Peak District is split into to parts; the White Peaks and the Dark Peaks. The northern region consists of the Dark Peaks and it here that most landscape photographers will have their fun. The tall rock formations and rugged landscape offer up some incredibly dramatic compositions. However, the White Peaks too have plenty to offer. Although the landscape here is less rugged there are some stunning valleys and woodland that are especially picturesque in the autumn.


Photographing the Peak District: A Photo Location and Visitor Guidebook

Recommended OS Maps:

OS Explorer Map OL1 The Peak District: Dark Peak Area (OS Explorer)

OS Explorer OL24 The Peak District (OS Explorer Map)

Winnats Pass

The winding road cutting through the jagged valley riddle with textures makes this a landscape photographers dream location. Whether shooting from high up looking down on the road, or taking a low angle looking up the dominating rock faces, this is sure to produce some dramatic imagery. 

GPS Location (Lat/Long)53.340498, -1.799771
OS Map Grid RefSK 13429 82641
Google Maps
Snowy and rocky landscape of Winnats Pass during the winter at the Peak District UK

Mam Tor

There aren’t many UK landscape photographers that haven’t ventured out to Mam Tor. It is famous for its classic shots and is therefore a place that many budding photographers choose to hone their skills. Getting here is simple, just a short walk from the nearby Mam Nick car park.

GPS Location (Lat/Long)53.349224, -1.809652
OS Map Grid RefSK 12769 83609
Google Maps
Classic gate shot of Mam Tor as the evening sun sets on the horizon

Chrome Hill

High up on the north east of Dove Valley, this location offers some fantastic views of the surrounding area. The jagged topography is contrasted with rolling hills and some forest land, making for some incredible compositions. This is another very accessible location for those who don’t mind a short walk of about 20 -30 minutes.  

GPS Location (Lat/Long)53.202740, -1.896466
OS Map Grid RefSK 07013 67301
Google Maps
Rocky ridgeline of Chrome Hill during the late afternoon


Photographing moorland during the early hours can be extremely rewarding. THe rising mist and low lying sun can create stunning ethereal photographs, especially when coupled with the beautiful colours seen in autumn months. There are a few surprising locations too thanks to the unusual topography of the area.


Photographing Cornwall and Devon: Including Dartmoor and Exmoor

Recommended OS Maps:

OS Explorer OL28 Dartmoor (OS Explorer Map)

Venford Falls

This is one for the more adventurous photographers as it is quite difficult to get there. However, if you put in the effort then you will be rewarded with the stunning waterfall that is Venford Falls. This secluded and almost “secret” spot is perfect for those looking to escape the crowds. 

GPS Location (Lat/Long)50.529441, -3.851416
OS Map Grid RefSX 68874 71600
Google Maps
Long exposure photograph of the water flowing from Venford Falls in Dartmoor

Leather Tor

High up on the ridgeline you are exposed to a brilliant view of the Burrator Reservoir. The granite rooftop has some interesting shapes and formations that create perfect focal points for landscape compositions. Getting here is fairly easy thanks to the nearby car parks and trails leading up to the ridgeline. 

GPS Location (Lat/Long)50.512140, -4.028953
OS Map Grid RefSX 56239 70005
Google Maps
Knarly tree growing out from the rocks of Leather Tor in Dartmoor UK

Great Staple Tor

This Tor is by far the most iconic in Dartmoor. The unusual rock formations offer fantastic subjects to photograph and, with spectacular views all round, you’ll never be hard pushed to find a great backdrop. There is also a picturesque church nearby that is perfect as a point of interest in your landscape photos. 

GPS Location (Lat/Long)50.565661, -4.060630
OS Map Grid RefSX 54159 76018
Google Maps
Interesting landscape features of rock stacks at Great Staple Tor in Dartmoor UK

Fingle Woods

These woodlands are a great place to come on a misty morning. The thick tree cover creates the perfect conditions for those atmospheric shots. Inside the sheltered woodland is a slow flowing river that casts beautiful reflection of the trees overhead. From high up the views can be astonishing during the early hours as the mist rises slowly out from the woods. The most iconic landmark is Fingle Bridge which is the perfect subject for a riverside photograph.

GPS Location (Lat/Long)50.695749, -3.782068
OS Map Grid RefSX 74234 89971
Google Maps
Rocky river with calm waters flowing under Fingle Bridge in Dartmoor

Brecon Beacons 

For those looking to capture some mountainous landscapes without having to venture too far north, the Brecon Beacons are perfect. Although these mountains are some of the smallest in the UK, their rugged textures and deep forests offer up some great scenery. Most of the mountains are very easy to access with public car parks and laybys located strategically throughout. 

Recommended OS Maps:

OS Explorer OL12 Brecon Beacons National Park – Western & Central areas (OS Explorer Map)

OS Explorer OL13 Brecon Beacons National Park – Eastern area (OS Explorer Map)

Y Grib Ridge

This unique ridgeline can be followed right up to the summit of Waun Fach. As you climb higher the scenery rolls out in front of you revealing a huge expanse of the national park. Early sunrise is the perfect time to find yourself here with your camera. With the right conditions you can capture the golden glow of the sun as it sets.

GPS Location (Lat/Long)51.962432, -3.145246
OS Map Grid RefSO 21408 29948
Google Maps
Evening sun lighting the rolling mountains around Y Grib Ridge


Wild horses, low setting mist and rolling landscape all make this a great location for photography. Getting up this mountain couldn’t be easier. A single track road leads most of the way up the mountain to a car park near the top. If you get here early you can catch the mist rising off the scrubland while the horses graze.

GPS Location (Lat/Long)51.862327, -3.059154
OS Map Grid RefSO 27161 18724
Google Maps
The short climb up to the top of Sugarload mountain in Wales

Henrhyd Falls

If you want to photograph waterfalls then this is the place to go. At 90 feet tall this is the largest waterfall in south wales. For this reason it is quite a spectacle after heavy rainfall, so be sure to plan your visit in line with the weather. This spot can get quite busy so bear that in mind when choosing a time to photograph it. 

GPS Location (Lat/Long)51.794336, -3.664008
OS Map Grid RefSN 85339 11942
Google Maps
Water plummeting into the p below Henrhyd Falls in Wales

New Forest

Famous for its wild ponies and stunning scenery, the New Forest is highly regarded for its natural beauty. Vast scrubland, thick woodland and a network of streams and rivers make this a hot spot for photographers all year round. The national park is quite small so you’ll never have to venture far to find the compositions you are looking for. 

Recommended OS Maps:

OS Explorer OL22 New Forest, Southampton, Ringwood, Ferndown, Lymington, Christchurch and Bournemouth (OS Explorer Map)


This area of the New Forest is especially well known for its deer enclosures. The tall trees are perfect subjects for those dramatic woodland shots. If you are here during the spring then you may be lucky enough to capture some photos of the wild deer passing through the woodland… So don’t forget the long lens!

GPS Location (Lat/Long)50.874627, -1.656810
OS Map Grid RefSU 24243 08404
Google Maps
Afternoon woodland photography in Bolderwood, New Forest UK

Rockford Common

The colours here can be truly awe inspiring when the shrubs bloom in the spring. If you are here early in the morning then you may well be lucky enough to observe the mist rising off the undulating land. A polarizer is a great choice of kit to really bring out the hues from the foliage. 

GPS Location (Lat/Long)50.874861, -1.760141
OS Map Grid RefSU 16973 08401
Google Maps
Colourful shrubs and foliage in Rockford Common in the New Forest UK

Scotland and The Highlands

The Scottish Highlands are a feast for UK landscape photographers. The incredibly rugged terrain makes for brilliant compositions at any time of the year. The landscape changes dramatically season to season, so visiting at different times of the year will always guarantee different results. The sheer number of fantastic landscape photography spots makes it almost impossible to select the “best”. However, here are a few to aim for.

Loch Ness

No doubt you will have heard of this place thanks to its legendary monster. The loch is surrounded with beauty from every angle. For landscape photographers this is a great spot to capture the majestic mountains without the need to hike great distances. You can drive the entire length of the loch on one side and there are parking spots at various points along the way.

GPS Location (Lat/Long)57.352209, -4.407425
OS Map Grid RefNH 55251 31643
Google Maps
Clear and calm waters during the early morning on Loch Ness in Scotland


If you are looking for an easy spot to capture the lochs and mountains then Glencoe is ideal. The mountain range here leads up towards Ben Nevis and towers high over the nearby lochs. If you are out with your camera during the early hours then the water will most likely be extremely still, casting perfect reflections of the rock formations above.

GPS Location (Lat/Long)56.687519, -5.096939
OS Map Grid RefNN 10423 59373
Google Maps
Stormy skies of Glencoe in Scotland with dramatic landscape and mountains

The Devil’s Pulpit

This slightly eerie place is great to photograph when the sun is high in the sky. The high walls of the gorge shield it from direct sunlight and therefore make photographing it possible in these conditions. After some rainfall this can be a great spot to visit if you are looking to capture some milky long exposures of the water. 

GPS Location (Lat/Long)56.034146, -4.413610
OS Map Grid RefNS 49712 84990
Google Maps
The Deils Pulpit in Scotland after heavy rainfall

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