Stuck indoors with your camera

The weather is rubbish, the light is terrible but you want to take photos. If you’re stuck indoors with your camera then read this article for some ideas.

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So it’s raining outside, the light is terrible and all you want to do is play with your camera. Every photographer has found themselves in this situation a number of times. Most would assume that the best option would be to put the camera back in the bag and resign to an afternoon of watching TV, scrolling Instagram and diving deep into a YouTube hole. But, with a bit of creativity you can compose some brilliant photos even within the walls of your own home… and even make some money by uploading your images to stock photography sites.

Tidy your place up, and then photograph it

Chances are your place could do with a little bit of tidying here and there. What better way to motivate yourself than to photograph it? Give your place a good clean and set everything up for some great interior photography. When you are done snapping your photographs you’ll be left with a beautifully tidy place. You can then sit and edit your images while drinking a nice cup of coffee.

Photo by Kari Shea

When setting up your compositions try to work with layers or leading lines so that your images have some depth. By doing so you’ll be able to incorporate more elements of the scene without having to shoot super wide. Getting enough light into the camera can be difficult when shooting indoors. Set your camera up on a tripod in order to allow for longer shutter times than shooting handheld.

Shoot some still life

Still life is something that artists have studied and recorded for hundreds of years, so it is no surprise that this can also make for some great photography. One great aspect of still life photography is that there is usually an abundance of colour to play with. Flowers, fruit, leaves and berries all make for great subjects, and are often easy to find near your home.

Get stuck into some product photography

This is an extremely broad genre of photography as almost anything you own could classify as a product. Therefore, you should have plenty of subjects to choose from.  There is a lot of fun to be had in setting miniature scenes that compliment the products that are being photographed. Search for materials, props and textures that will enhance the imagery and help tell a story. Putting the item in context this way is all part of the challenge of capturing a great shot.

Have a look around your home and try find things that inspire you. Watches, jewellery, wallets, ornaments and old tools are just new things that can provide great subjects. Pairing these items up with other props that help contextualise them can be just as much fun as capturing the image itself.

Have fun capturing water splashes and stuff in motion

If you are bored and just need something to get really creative with then try throwing some playing cards up in the air and photographing them as they fall. Or whip out your macro lens and capture some water droplets. With a fast shutter speed you can freeze anything you throw in the air, splash or smash. #

The key to success with this style of photography is good lighting. This will allow your camera to expose correctly even at the fastest of shutter speeds. Try setting up near a large window and gather any extra lighting you can lay your hands on. Grab yourself a kit like this one so that you can illuminate you scenes properly.

It is likely that your aperture is going to be wide open in order to allow a much light in a possible. This will give nice depth of field, but does present a challenge when trying to get things in focus. Mount your camera on a tripod place something in the scene where you think the action is going to be. You can then use this to help you pull focus. Once focused you can remove that object and fire the shutter knowing that area will be sharp.

Create some light leaks and flares

Having a decent library of light leaks and flares that you can dip into is a great asset as an image editor. You can blend these into your images to add great lighting effects that enhance the mood of your scene.

These are very easy to create and you don’t even need a lens! As long as you have a dark room and source of light that you can manipulate, such as a torch, then you are good to go. Simply remove the lens from your camera body and, with a low ISO and fast shutter speed, take images as you shine the torch across the front of the sensor at varying angles.

You can get quite creative with this by adding in different coloured lights and using refractive props to shine the light through. Check out this article to learn more: Creating light leaks for your photos

Go abstract!

Abstract photography is only limited by your imagination. The use of light, shapes and depth of field can all contribute to producing unusual and intriguing imagery. With abstract photography you have the option to ignore many of the usual rules. Try experimenting with unusual exposures, compositions and camera movement. Anything goes as long as it creates imagery that satisfies you creatively,

Quick Tip!

If you are stuck for ideas then have a look at other photographers work to see what inspires you.

Final note

So hopefully by now you are feeling a little bit more inspired and have some ideas to get started with. As you can see there are lots of photography opportunities even inside your own home, you just need to think creatively in order to find them.

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